Addiction And Mental Health In The Workplace

Our experienced professional staff at Next Level Behavioral Services will collaborate with you to assist your employees in identifying the services that best suit their current situation or crisis.


We are able to identify the highest level of resources available nationally and within your community to serve your employees and their families. Regardless of the size of your organization, we’re here to help. Although we specialize in addiction treatment and mental health services, our team goes the extra mile to also extend other offerings to bring your business to the next level.

One the Rise and Impacting the Workplace

Employee Retention
Trouble with Co–Workers
Decision-Making Difficulty
Low Morale

Loss of Focus and Concentration
Illegal Activities at Work
Legal Issues
High Employee Turnover

Surgeon General: 1 in 7 in USA will Face Substance Addiction

Next Level Behavioral Health Services – tailored to your needs and only a phone call away, at 888-604-3846

Assessment & Evaluation
Family Guidance
Short-term counseling
Referrals for mental health & addiction services
Follow up services for employees and their family members
Community and work place support programs & groups

Employee awareness workshops
Educational seminars
Team development and implementation of specific workplace policies
Drug & alcohol awareness training workshops for managers
Drug screening & testing
Phone consultations

Start living the life you know is possible. It all begins one change at a time.

We’re easy to work with and can always be reached on our national toll-free helpline, 888-604-3846, or via email at