Coaching and Training Designed Specifically Behavioral Health Community

Next Level Behavioral Health Services has a long history of training and coaching. We have worked with companies large and small to assist them in bringing their business to the next level. Founder, Mike Fitzpatrick, along with our team, will assist you and your staff in defining and structuring a plan to help achieve success. We not only assist you in developing the road map for your business growth, but we also work hand in hand with your personnel throughout the entire training process.

Our training system is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. We offer individualized services ranging from coaching a single business development representative to establishing and presenting a full gamut of business training to a team of new hires.

Our Behavioral Health Strategy

Analyze Design Develop Implement Evaluate

Assessment & Analyze

  • Meet with leaders and staff to identify the area(s) of deficiency and the desired outcomes of the program
  • Set forth clearly delineated job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Review previous training efforts to build upon ongoing successes and turn prior missteps into learning opportunities

On-site Employee Education

  • Create a defined, inclusive workflow to facilitate efficiency and avoid missed opportunities
  • Provide reference materials giving step by step instructions as applicable to individual needs. For example:
  • Business Development Representative training typically includes learning to develop a successful territory and scripts for setting appointments, holding face to face appointments, delivering in-service presentations, and making service calls. Additionally, instruction on creation of a database of prospective accounts and how to open and grow these relationships is often provided
  • Intake staff could receive communication training to more effectively work with external contacts, families, and clients, as well as receiving foundational documentation skills and assessment training
  • Create a weekly schedule, provide weekly reports
  • Drill and rehearse to reinforce training materials

Field Coaching & Execution

  • Provide shadowing opportunities and supervised practical on-the-job experience
  • Collaborate in arranging face-to-face meetings with potential accounts, in-service continuing education presentations, and follow-up service calls, each with appropriate feedback and up-coaching

Accountability & Results Evaluation

  • Develop goals and accountability measures
  • Ensure clear communication of performance expectations and measures to staff and leadership
  • Create a self-monitoring accountability system in partnership with the employee allowing continuous feedback and progress awareness

Start living the life you know is possible. It all begins one change at a time.

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